Our mission is to share great art music as education, edification and entertainment!

What we do.

Chamber Music is music with an intimate character in which there is one player to a part, each of which is equal in importance to the others. A principal ingredient to the meaning of chamber music is the social pleasure derived from coming together to listen to and perform music. The way chamber music uses sound to communicate emotions and feelings directly reflect the give and take of social conversation. The melody may bounce from one instrument to another, be repeated in a variation, or countered by a completely different melody.

Both chamber music and conversation reflect the full complement of human interaction— repetition, imitation, agreement, disagreement, point, counterpoint etc . . . As a listener, our job is to let the music influence our feelings and touch us much in the same way as listening to a conversation can help us understand ideas and form opinions.

Chamber music is created with two or more musicians without a conductor.

Who we are.

Red Door Chamber Music is a coalition of local and regional artists who believe that music is an expression of the human condition. We consider music an art form that is especially edifying to the human spirit that demands consideration in the same way that a painting or sculpture demands attention in a museum. Our plans include the commission of new compositions as a contribution to our collective musical futures. Logistically, we perform three to five concerts between October and May each year in hopes of enhancing the cultural potential in the off season and winter months of Provincetown and surrounding communities on Cape Cod.


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