Our Artistic Vision

The overall mission of Red Door Chamber Music is to share great art music as education, edification and entertainment!. More specifically, we are dedicated to presenting chamber music that is largely overlooked by the musical establishment due to societal prejudice. We envision presenting this excellent music in its rightful place alongside traditionally celebrated repertoire by examining classical music through a new historical lens. Our specific focus is on music composed by lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, and asexual composers (LGBTQIA+) but inclusive of all other groups who have been unjustly relegated to obscurity including but not limited to music composed by woman, immigrants, people of color, indigenous Americans, and others.

Our Community Vision.

The mission of Red Door Chamber Music is to add the dimension of chamber music as a vital part of life to the communities of Provincetown and the Outer Cape by presenting high quality art music and expanding the options for year-round residents to hear chamber music during the winter and shoulder seasons.

Our Practical Objectives.

The immediate objective of Red Door Chamber Music is to create a chamber music series housed at the United Methodist Church during the shoulder seasons and winter featuring local musicians and composers in collaboration with guest artists from outside the community.

Future Objectives may include:

  • commissioning new works,

  • performance opportunities for talented students with the professionals of the ensemble,

  • outreach programming to the schools of the Outer Cape and beyond.


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